Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch Mark Treatment

Also known as ‘Striae Distensae’ or ‘Striae Gravidarum’, stretch marks are a common form of scarring that occurs on the skin when it shrinks or enlarges over a short period of time. When the skin cannot adapt quickly enough to support rapid growth, narrow lines or white streaks may appear on the skin. These marks often have an off-colour hue and may be light pink or purple in colour.

Women are more susceptible to stretch marks during pregnancy, due to hormonal changes. Several factors can be the source of stretch marks, including fluctuating hormone levels, pregnancy and rapid weight gain/loss.

Stretch marks most commonly appear on the stomach, breast, thighs, arms, lower back and hips. They tend to initially appear red, purple or pink, and they may feel raised and itchy. Similar to any scar, it is very rare for stretch marks to disappear completely on their own. However, they may fade with the right treatment.

How can Morpheus8 Body treat Stretch Marks?

Morpheus8 Body® is an advanced treatment, which combines radio frequency and microneedling, to remodel and smooth damaged or uneven skin. Morpheus8 Body® penetrates the skin and creates subdermal micro-wounds, while simultaneously sending RF energy from the handpiece to enhance the healing process.

Prior to the treatment, local anaesthetic is applied to the injury site. Subsequently, Dr Li utilises the Morpehus8 Prime hand piece to treat the scar. For optimum results, we recommend 2-4 treatments, spaced 3-4 weeks apart.

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