Vaginal Repair

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What is vaginal repair?

Vaginal repair is a vaginal surgical procedure which changes or modifies the diameter or shape of the vaginal entrance and canal. The diameter of the vagina can change for a variety of reasons: age, vaginal childbirth, or other vaginal trauma. Vaginal repair can effectively reduce the diameter of the vagina and help assuage your cosmetic or intimate concerns.

Why do women choose to have vaginal repair?

Improved Intimacy

The trials and tribulations of childbirth are often accompanied by a loss of sensation for women and their partners. A vaginoplasty can repair the damage caused by childbirth and help restore those pre-childbirth feelings of intimacy. Dr Li has decades of surgical experience and will help tailor the surgery to your own individual needs.


For women entering the dating pool again, vaginal repair can be the key to feeling empowered and rediscovering youthful feelings of confidence.

Comfort and Convenience

Many women also experience issues with unwanted noise during exercise, sex, or other physical activity, negatively impacting their quality of life. Vaginal repair is one avenue to remedying these issues.

Your initial consultation

Vaginal repair is a unique procedure that is different for every individual. At your first consultation, Dr Sharon Li will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and will make every effort to ensure your concerns are fully understood. An examination will be performed during this consultation. This surgery is typically conducted under general anesthetic.

We recommend obtaining a GP referral prior to your consultation, as this allows Dr Li to access information regarding your general health, past medical history, and suitability for the surgery. A consultation fee is charged after your appointment. Please contact us directly on 07 3219 6868 for more information, or to secure an appointment.

Surgical Fees

The total cost for the in theatre procedure consists of four components:
1. Theatre fee
2. Dr Sharon Li’s surgical fee
3. Assistant surgical fee
4. Anaesthesia doctor’s fee (general)

A quote is provided after your initial consultation with Dr Sharon Li.

Vaginal Repair Services Brisbane

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