Male Infertility

Male Infertility Brisbane & Gold Coast

Male Infertility can be the cause of infertility for up to half of all infertile couples

30% of infertility problems are caused by male factors such as sperm quality or the lack of sperm. Understanding if there is a problem from the male side gives both partners more options when deciding on fertility services.

What causes male infertility?

An infertility diagnosis can be either a female or male problem, but male infertility affects around half of all infertile couples.

Common problems include:

Lacking sperm (Azoospermia)

A semen analysis can be carried out to see if the man’s semen is lacking in sperm. This could be due to symptoms of testicular damage, such as mumps, or a genetic disorder. A lack of sperm could also indicate a blockage.

Infection or Cancer

Experiencing an infection or cancer means the immune system will attack the man’s sperm as if it there is an infection. This leaves the sperm useless. This is known as immunological infertility. A previous infection could still be present in the body if it was not properly treated.

Cancer can also cause tumours with can affect the male reproductive organs. The treatment given to cancer, such as radiation and chemotherapy can affect male fertility.

Ejaculation issues

Diabetes, spinal injuries, medications and past operations can cause issues with ejaculation. In some men, they are still producing sperm but cannot ejaculate.

Hormone imbalances

Low testosterone (male hypogonadism) can lead to a number of possible problems with male fertility.

Problems in sexual intercourse

Problems that happen during sex can cause problems linking to male infertility. Unable to maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction), premature ejaculation and relationship problems are factors that could arise during sex that may lead to infertility.

For a more detailed list of common diagnoses for male infertility visit City Fertility Centre.

Tips to improve sperm quality:

Conceiving a baby depends on the health quality of the sperm. There are a few simple changes that can help to improve overall health and could increase fertility chances.

  • Stop smoking
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • No drugs or steroids
  • Frequent ejaculation
  • Reduce stress levels

Male Infertility Brisbane & Gold Coast

Infertility is a problem that can be shared by both partners. If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for over a year now, it might be a good idea to chat about your future options. Dr Sharon Li has various fertility service options that can be discussed with an appointment, contact us here.