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Vulva Pain

Don’t let vulval pain affect your quality of life.

Vulval pain is often caused by vulvodynia which affected women describe as a burning sensation or burning pain in and around their vulva. The vulva contains the outer part of the vagina, including the labia and clitoris.

In some cases, vulvodynia presents as vulval irritation or itch. A diagnosis of vulvodynia is only made when other—clinically identifiable—causes for the pain are ruled out.

Diagnosing vulval pain

Vulvodynia may be generalised or localised to a particular part of the vulva. In most cases there is an area associated with the most severe symptoms. Diagnosing vulval pain will depend on the symptoms you present and your examination.

Treating vulval pain

Treatment for this pain depends on the symptoms and their severity. Dr Sharon Li will carry out a careful assessment of your vulva pain to determine the method of treatment. Dr Sharon Li may recommend one of the following treatments:

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