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What is FemiLift?

FemiLift is an innovative laser procedure that may be a treatment option for various concerns experienced by many women. The procedure provides quick, effective results with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

Collagen fibers make up the vaginal tissue, which keeps it strong and flexible. Overstretching of the existing collagen fibers causes vaginal laxity and other associated problems. FemiLift rejuvenates and tightens the vagina with a controlled CO2 laser beam.

During the FemiLift procedure, the CO2 laser probe is inserted into the vagina and releases pulses of laser energy that heats the vaginal tissue. Thermal heating causes existing collagen fibers to contract whilst also increasing new collagen production. This reduces vaginal tissue laxity while increasing the firmness, elasticity of the vaginal walls and blood supply to the area. Improving the blood supply to the area aids in enhancing lubrication and heightens sensation of the vaginal wall.

FemiLift is a minimally invasive, quick 20-minute procedure and  it may be a great alternative solution for many women who suffer from vaginal dryness, recurring vaginal infection, sex pain and urinary incontinence. Femilift does not require any topical anesthesia.

What are the benefits of FemiLift?

  • FemiLift is a simple outpatient procedure
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Modern technology
  • Quick, no downtime

How often do I need treatment?

3 treatments that are 4 weeks apart, with a touch up in 12 months as required.

What does FemiLift treat?

Vaginal Tightening:

Overtime, vaginal tissue can overstretch, especially post childbirth. This can create a feeling of looseness, (known as laxity) and a sense of reduced sensitivity in the vagina area. This can affect the satisfaction of sexual intercourse.

FemiLift helps by rebuilding and toning the vaginal walls, which may lead to an increase in vaginal tightness. This may result in an enhancement in the sensitivity and also can improve sexual satisfaction.

Post- childbirth rehabilitation:

As magical as childbirth is, it causes a lot of psychological and physical changes in women. Due to the action of childbirth, the vaginal area may feel stretched, weakened or even dry, making sexual intercourse unsatisfactory or even painful.

FemiLift is there for those mothers who want to restore their vaginal strength and flexibility. The treatment helps by toning and rebuilding vaginal tissue, getting yourself closer to feeling like you did pre-childbirth.

Reduces vaginal dryness and recurring infections:

Many women experience pain and discomfort when they suffer from vaginal dryness and constant, recurring infections.

FemiLift improves lubrication and increases blood flow of the vaginal immune system by rejuvenating the inner lining. This leads to a generation of healthy new tissue with a higher immune resistance to infections and aids in naturally maintaining normal pH levels.

Post- Menopause vaginal rejuvenation:

As we age, inevitably menopause creeps up on us. This may lead to changes in the vagina such as the lining of the vagina becoming thinner, drier and less elastic.

FemiLift helps by reducing symptoms like itching, burning, dryness and friction brought on by menopause. By rejuvenating the lining of the vagina, there may be an increase in the thickness of the walls which helps to restore lubrication for enhanced comfort and wellbeing.

Reduces Stress Urinary incontinence (SUI):

Some women have the unfortunate experience of unwanted urine leakage during daily activities. Activities that increase the pressure on the abdomen, something as simple as sneezing, laughing, coughing or exercising, can lead to involuntary leakage. This is usually due to a weakened pelvis support structure which causes a loss of strength in the urethra.

Stress incontinence management:
1. Pelvic exercise
2. Physiotherapy
3. Surgical intervention

Alternatively, FemiLift can provide women treatment for stress incontinence. FemiLift supports the urethra by strengthening the pelvic support structure and increasing the thickness of the vagina tissue. The procedure may reduce mild stress incontinence.

Is Femilift the treatment for you?

If you:

  • Suffer from vaginal dryness, which causes discomfort or sex pain
  • Experience recurring vaginal infections
  • Want that tight feeling and sensation restored
  • Have unwanted urine leakage when carrying out routine tasks
  • Feel like giving birth has caused some undesirable problems

FemiLift laser may be a simple and effective, non-surgical treatment option that may help relieve your symptoms.

Femilift Laser Treatment Details

  • Recent Pap Smear or Pelvic examination prior to procedure
  • A pregnancy test is performed when applicable, however, we suggest to schedule your Femilift appointment shortly after the commencement of your menstruation
  • With a history of Genital Herpes for prevention assign Valtrex for 3 days before or after the procedure
  • No vaginal or medical creams 24 hours prior to procedure
  • Shower prior to procedure
  • Shave the genital area within 24 hours of procedure if this area is to be treated
  • Dress in loose fitting clothing and cotton underwear on the day of treatment
  • Following-up treatment, gently cleanse the treated area with water
  • No sexual intercourse, douching or tampons for 5 days post-treatment
  • Notify the clinic should you have heavy vaginal bleeding, fever or other unusual symptoms
  • Total 3 treatments every 4 weeks
  • 1 year maintenance treatment, if needed

For more information, go to: https://almalasers.com/product/femilift/

FemiLift Brisbane

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